Mia Farrow's Valentine for Woody Allen Will Give You Nightmares (VIDEO)

If you've ever had your heart broken, you probably understand the temptation to call up your ex and say something truly monumental that will prick his soul just a little bit. Maybe you're the type who keeps a diary and feels a sense of relief after you pour out your heart on paper. Perhaps you've even ripped out an excerpt from your diary and (gasp) mailed it to your ex -- which we don't recommend, by the way.

Mia Farrow's first post-breakup Valentine's Day away from Woody Allen was probably a lot worse than any you or I have ever experienced. She had just found out Woody was having an affair with Soon-Yi Previn, her adopted daughter with Andre Previn, and wasn't about to let bygones be bygones. Instead, she gave him a wildly scary Valentine that Woody says made him fear for his life.


There are really no words to properly describe the card, so here it is in all its glory:

Mia obviously worked hard on this. The photo inside is of their family and children, and yes, those are pins stabbed through the hearts of her children and a steak knife -- look closely -- with Soon-Yi's photo on it, being driven into Mia's heart. The Rosemary's Baby actress also included a poem for Woody: "Once my heart was one and it was yours to keep. My child you used and pierced my heart a hundred times and deep."


Let us not forget, though: this was 1992. Woody had just taken up with Mia's daughter. Mia is an actress, a profession in which unusually dramatic, passionate, and emotional folks generally find success. So yeah, the Valentine is definitely on the goth side. But the fact that it's being dug up now in order to imply that Mia is so unhinged she probably put all those sexual molestation ideas in her daughter Dylan's head is a far reach. 

Woody showed off the Valentine on a 60 Minutes interview that aired in 1992. He called it "meticulously" worked on, almost in a "psychotic" way. Fair enough. He said it scared him and then added that Mia had threatened his life several times and that he took her threats very seriously.

While her crazy Valentine certainly speaks volumes about what she thought of Woody, does it serve as sufficient proof that she was so scorned she would try and get revenge through Dylan? I want to believe few mothers would stoop so low, and I also understand there are times in relationships when we go too far to hurt the people who hurt us, but a Valentine's Day card and sexual molestation charges aren't even on the same planet.

Here's a video clip of Woody's interview in which he talks about the Valentine:

Does this Valentine make you feel like Mia is capable of trying to get back at Woody through Dylan?


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