Rita Ora Flaunts Sexy New Style That's Perfect for '50 Shades of Grey' (VIDEO)

rita ora miami beach material girl shootIn addition to portraying Christian Grey's sister Mia in Fifty Shades of Grey, Rita Ora seems to have a schedule jam-packed with exciting career commitments. Most recently, the multi-talented star partnered with Madonna and her daughter Lourdes to model spring 2014 styles for their Macy's fashion line Material Girl. Apparently Madge herself loves the petite diva for being "fearless when it comes to fashion and expressing herself ... she perfectly embodies the spirit of Material Girl." I can definitely see that!

While rumors that the cast of Fifty Shades might be headed down to Miami Beach to get out of the cold have yet to prove true, it looks like Rita headed down there alone for the Material Girl shoot, posing in front of some of the city's most beautiful spots -- from the Welcome to Miami Beach sign, to Ocean Drive, to the pool at the Raleigh Hotel. So glam, so gorgeous!


And not to mention that quite a few of those styles she was sporting might be perfect for Mia to wear in Fifty Shades! Check out the sizzle video for a glimpse behind-the-scenes of Rita's shoot ...

How fun did that shoot look? I'm not sure Mia Grey would be wearing some of these looks, but others would be a fab fit -- like say, for a scene  like the one where Anastasia, Christian, Mia, Ethan, Kate, and Elliot all hit up the club in Aspen in Fifty Shades Freed? Not to mention that I'm sure Madonna and Lourdes would love to see Material Girl duds used in the flick!

Also, I've gotta say: How adorable is Rita?! Really, no matter what she's wearing, she has a magnetic quality we're going to love seeing on-screen. Can't wait.

What do you think about these new Material Girl looks? Could you see them working for the movie?


Image via Material Girl
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