'50 Shades of Grey' Star Is Homeless Because She Was Too Loud

rita oraI would imagine when preparing for a role in a movie, you get into character and sort of live life as if you were that character even when you're not filming. Lucky, lucky stars. I'd love to be cast as the love interest of Ben Affleck. Or Batman. Imagine what it's like to be in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey. There is so much anticipation for this movie, so much steamy hotness, I would imagine that the stars in the film are just walking around turned on all the time. Or not. Because you know they are professionals and of course they cannot admit to anything like that. Rita Ora, however, is kind of hinting at it. 

The adorable Rita who is also Rob Kardashian's ex no longer has her own roof over her head because she was kicked out of her London apartment last month. The reason? Noise complaints!


How much noise does one have to make to get the boot from a rental? I've made plenty of noise in my years and years as a renter and that never was an issue. Maybe I had lenient landlords. But I also never was preparing for a role in one of the most anticipated sexy time movies ever.

Rita, ever so coy, did say she was recording her album in her home and that's why she was kicked out. Hmmm. Do we believe her? Is that a cover-up? Maybe she was playing the music so loud to cover up some other kinky noises. Maybe. Just saying. Maybe.

In case you were worried, she's not homeless homeless. She's living at her sister's place for the time being. Lucky, lucky stars.

Did you ever get kicked out of an apartment because you made too much noise?


Image via Rita Ora/Instagram

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