10 Celebrities Who Have Secret Love Children

Rebecca Stokes | Jan 29, 2014 Movies
10 Celebrities Who Have Secret Love Children

Hugh Grant Hugh Grant is in the news again. He's not had a scandal involving a prostitute, and sadly he's not announcing a Bridget Jones Daniel Cleaver spin-off film. No, Grant has made the front pages of gossip-world because news of another "secret love child" has broken.

But it's not like this is that big a scandal in Hollywood -- for men OR for women. There are countless celebs -- from A-Listers and down -- whose steamy secret one-night sessions have led to little bundles of joy. We've compiled a list of 10 of our favorite celebrity love-child scandals for your edification.

What's the biggest celebrity love-child scandal that you can remember?

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  • Minnie Driver


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    Minnie Driver stayed mum on the identity of the father to her ADORABLE son Henry for a very long time. Without naming names, the actress recently copped to it and said that he was a writer on her series, The Riches. While the two are not in a relationship, she says Henry's father has started to up his involvement with his son.

  • Liv Tyler


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    Liv doesn't have a love child -- she is one. The gorgeous actress is daughter to Aerosmith and Idol legend Steven Tyler. For years, Liv had no clue the famous crooner was her pops. But she was his number one fan. She even had his picture on her wall. Gross. But also, awww! Now they are besties -- in addition to looking like twins.

  • Hugh Grant


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    This ain't Hugh's first time on the baby-daddy roller-coaster. Hugh just welcomed a THIRD love child into the fold with producer Anna Eberstein. He has two other children with Tinglan Hong. Everyone's on good terms, too! Hugh's got this whole love-child thing down to a science. A classy, classy science.

  • Benicio Del Toro


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    The 45-year-old Del Toro welcomed daughter Delilah with Rod Stewart's socialite daughter Kim Stewart. The two never officially dated, and rumors that the pregnancy came after a one-night stand whirled. But Benicio and Kim are great parents, he was in the hospital when his daughter was born, and they all recently traveled to Puerto Rico for her Christening.

  • Mel 'Scary Spice' Brown


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    Dude, this one is rough. Mel B, or as we aged 30-somethings know her, Scary Spice, became pregnant during a brief dalliance with Eddie Murphy. From there it got brutal. Though the two have tried to ameliorate the situation for the good of their daughter, Angel, Murphy hasn't come around easily. He claims Mel lied to him, tricked him into getting her pregnant, and exaggerated their relationship. Ug, here's hoping they keep it civil for Angel!

  • Jude Law


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    Jude Law was gobsmacked when he learned his fling with model Samantha Burke had led to his fourth child, a daughter named Sophia. Law wasn't thrilled but eventually ponied up with support and publicly admitted he was the father. Not exactly as bad as Eddie Murphy, but he's definitely no Hugh Grant.

  • Pearl Lowe


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    You might not have heard of British singer, designer, and author Pearl Lowe, but you've heard of her baby-daddy: Gavin Rossdale. That's right, Mr. Gwen Stefani himself. Gavin and Pearl conceived daughter Daisy Lowe during a brief tryst. Though she had her suspicions, Pearl kept mum until a 14-year-old Daisy confronted her. This led to a DNA test and the discovery that the former Bush front-man was her dad. The good news was, since Gavin was already her godfather, they had a relationship to build on. But things between Pearl and Gavin were never the same.

  • January Jones


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    January Jones is NOT talking when it comes to naming the father of her young son Xander. Jones has been candid when revealing that she prefers to raise her son alone and went into her pregnancy knowing that's how things would be. That hasn't stopped people from whispering, hinting that Jason Sudeikis might be the father, or the very-married Bobby Flay.

  • Padma Lakshmi


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    The beautiful foodie was notoriously tight-lipped when it came to discussing who fathered her darling daughter Krishna. The child's father, her ex Adam Dell, was vocal enough for them both. He took her to court, eventually winning shared custody of the little girl.

  • Matthew Knowles


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    Beyonce's world was rocked when her father Matthew Knowles' revelation of infidelity and a secret love-child led to the dissolution of her parents' lengthy marriage.

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