'50 Shades' Star Rita Ora Says Movie Will Give Fans a Serious Shock

rita ora at grammysSeems like any time a major event like the Grammys brings one of the Fifty Shades of Grey stars off the Vancouver set and onto the red carpet, fans are treated to a tidbit or two of behind-the-scenes scoop. Most recently, Rita Ora -- who is playing Christian Grey's younger sister, Mia -- dished to press at the annual Roc Nation pre-Grammy brunch this past weekend.

While she's only been on the film set for a short time, it sounds like the singer-turned-actress has been fully initiated into the cast. What's more, she's obviously clued into several surprises fans have to look forward to when the flick hits theaters ...


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Rita confessed that the Fifty Shades release is "gonna be the biggest and most amazing shock ever," and she's "so excited" for it. "Shock"? Whaaa? We've been following news of the flick for so long and so closely, it seems impossible to think the producers will be able to catch us off-guard! So what could Rita be talking about? I'm calling her bluff! She probably just means everyone's going to be shocked at how artistic/well-done it turns out, because plenty of people are expecting the movie to be a half-step up from softcore fit for Skinemax.

In other news, Rita gushed about director Sam Taylor-Johnson:

Oh, I was nervous because it was the first time I ever did a movie with words. But it was so nice. The director Sam, she was incredible, so it was all love.

Good to know Sam has the cast loving on her. That's sure to bring out the best performances, and maybe even in turn a "shockingly" polished flick!

What do you think Rita meant with her remark about the movie being the "biggest and most amazing shock ever"?


Image via Rita Ora/Instagram

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