This '50 Shades' Fan Trailer Shows How Perfect Christian & Ana Really Are Together (VIDEO)

dakota johnson fan trailer fifty shadesNow that we've got a Fifty Shades of Grey movie poster, the next thing has to be an official trailer, right? Still no word on when that may be coming down the pike, so fans have just one recourse in the meantime: Fan-made trailers that are just as scintillating ... thanks to the pairing of leads Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

For example, one created by YouTube user FiftyShadesQueen, aka Lia Productions, shows just how much of an absolutely EPIC love story we can expect to see come February 2015 ... Check it out:


Love the dialogue -- pulled from the actors' other works -- that definitely gives a glimpse of what's to come in the big screen version of E.L. James' hit novel. Since neither Jamie nor Dakota's past performances are all that well-known, it's cool to see what they both have done that's led them to this point ... to portraying Christian and Ana.

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Clearly, both have the acting chops to pull off the steamiest and most romantic scenes the script is sure to be replete with! Now if only we could get our peepers on those sooner!

What are your thoughts on this fan trailer? Do you feel reassured that Jamie and Dakota's past work will help them portray Christian and Ana?

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