Anne Hathaway Knew We Needed a Break From Her: 6 Celebs Who Should Follow

anne hathawayDid the second half of 2013 feel a little lighter to you? Did you feel a bit more relaxed, less irritated for some reason you just can't put your finger on? Me too, and I've finally figured it out: Anne Hathaway went away. She heard us all complaining about all her Oscar campaigning, all those shots of her looking sheared and waifish for Les Mis, the singing, the doe-eyed annoying speeches for all the acting honors -- she got the memo, people. "My impression is that people needed a break from me," she told Huffington Post.

OMG, a celeb responded to public sentiment for less. I can't believe it. Okay, also Anne's filming schedule just turned out that way. But still, don't you wish certain other celebs would take a hint and take a hike? I can think of a few ...


Justin Bieber: Ugh, just lie low for a while, please. For the love of all that is holy. Go away.

Jenelle Evans: Technically not a performer, totally D-list. But still, I have definitely had my fill of her never-ending drama. Wouldn't it be amazing if people stopped paying attention?

Adam Levine: Thank you, that will be enough.

Kardashians: We hear you -- many of you are just plain sick of KDash Kingdom. And yet, mobs and mobs of fans still love this family, which is why we continue writing about them. Sorry, everyone else. Just avert your eyes.

Shia LaBeouf: What the fuck are you doing, man? Constant apologies as performance art? Seriously? Dude, stop.

Taylor Swift: I'm probably alone in this, but she annoys me. The girl has permanent stink-eye/resting bitch face. Why is that appealing? Ugh.

Who do you wish would go away for a while?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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