7 Reasons to See ‘I, Frankenstein’ -- Now With 100% More Shirtless Hotties (PHOTOS)

I, Frankie Baby When it comes to legendary movie monsters, it doesn't get any better than the story of Frankenstein. The bolts in the monster's neck? The moodiness? The townspeople with torches?! Mary Shelley's tale of what happens when a scientist decides to play god has been a favorite of movie-makers for years. There's the version we're all familiar with starring Boris Karloff and even cult classic comedies like the Mel Brooks powered opus Young Frankenstein. Hollywood's next Frankie-Baby offering? I, Frankenstein! And it's out tomorrow!


Based on the graphic novel of the same name, the flick is a modern-day action take on the old classic. It stars Aaron Eckhart and looks like IT IS GOING TO BE THE GREATEST THING EVER. Sorry, my comic-nerd is showing. Pretty obscene. I'll tuck it away until we know each other better. If you aren't already convinced that this is a movie you need to see, here are 7 reasons you absolutely should.

1.) Because the Hairstyles Have Totally Improved

bride of frankenstein

Uh, how could they not? I mean, no offense Mrs. Bride-Of.

2.) Because Jai Courtney Is in It

Jai Courtney


3.) Because Frankenstein's Good Enough for Benedict Cumberbatch

Benedict Cumberbatch

A thousand Benedict Cumberbatches agree: Frankenstein is where it's at. Just ask him or Jonny Lee Miller, who both starred in the stage-play this past year.

4.) Because in Spanish the Movie Is Called:


... And that is hilarious.

5.) Because the Monster Is the Original Emo Kid:


He's just one Dashboard Confessional song away from being the guy I dated in high school.

6.) Because Aaron Eckhart Knows How to Act With Makeup On. Harvey Dent

Like, a lot of makeup. Also CGI effects.

7.) Because Yvonne Strahovski Is Adorable

We heart her! And she's in it! Using science! Look at her, being all be-ponytailed and cute and stuff. I dare any of you to hurl an object with such whimsy.

Are you going to check out I, Frankenstein?

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