Unlikely Star Joins '50 Shades' Cast, but It's Not What It Looks Like

kristin chenowethPetite Broadway-turned-Hollywood powerhouse and Glee star Kristin Chenoweth is the latest star to arrive on the Fifty Shades set in Vancouver! But everyone needs to simmer down, because she's not being cast in the flick. Not as Elena Lincoln or Kate Kavanaugh's mom (who never appears in the book, but could be new for the screen adaptation!). Instead, she's just visiting her boyfriend ... who happens to be one of the steamy flick's producers, Dana Brunetti. Yeah, sort of a bummer for her fans.

But take heart! I wouldn't completely write off her making an on-screen appearance of some sort ...


After all, Kristin's been super-vocal about how much she LOVES the books, confessing to E! News at the Golden Globes:

Anything with Christian Grey is fine with me. I've read the books. I was on tour and I was cutting out encores just so I could get home and read them. It was like, 'No second encore tonight -- I have to get through chapter seven!'

Ha! With enthusiasm like that, who knows what could come of her set visit?! Maybe Dana will hook his leading lady up with a quickie cameo! The movie could always use a bit more star power, and it sounds like Kristin would adore getting up close and personal with the screen version of Mr. Grey ... Even with her real-life love waiting in the wings!

Would you like to see Kristin Chenoweth do a cameo in Fifty Shades?


Image via The Heart Truth/Wikimedia

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