'50 Shades' Release Shakeup Shows Just How Big the Movie Will Be

dakota johnson jamie dornanThe Fifty Shades of Grey movie's fight to make it big at the box office next year may have just gotten a bit easier ... See, back in November, we heard the film's current release date of February 13, 2015 meant it would have to do battle with another "chick flick": Nicholas Sparks' The Longest Ride, which was set to open that same day. Apparently, this was planned to make the sexy flick a steamy "date night" pick for couples, making The Longest Ride appear to be a less appealing, girls' night choice.

Well, now, perhaps in response to Universal's move, The Longest Ride has been postponed 'til April 3, 2015 ... and instead, the studio behind the film, FOX, plans to release Poltergeist on Valentine's weekend instead. (How romantic. I guess that's for self-proclaimed V-Day haters.) No matter, though. I can only see this as Fifty Shades being set up for even MORE success!


Really, I'm not quite sure why either studio would've ever wanted to have their chick flicks (cuz let's be honest, date night or not, that's what Fifty is) to go up against one another. Depending on how bad the early reviews for either came out, it most likely would've ended up a split vote. And I'd bet that's why The Longest Ride got bumped. It's also a sign that at least some of those suits over at FOX are shaking in their Tom Fords that Fifty Shades is gonna rake in some major dough!

And now that Fifty Shades only has to "do battle" opposite Poltergeist, it's obviously going to be the big winner! And more cash at the box office means happier studio execs, and happier studio execs will end up green-lighting sequels (cough Fifty Shades Darker, Fifty Shades Freed), which means this news could result in a real win-win for fans!

Now, my fingers are only crossed that any other titles set to release that weekend are a gross-out, Dumb and Dumber-ish flick for the single guys and a kiddo movie for families. Then, we'll be all set!

Do you think this is a good sign for the film's success?

Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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