Dakota Johnson's Boyfriend Is Even More Jealous of Her '50 Shades' Fame Than Before

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson was recently spotted having lunch with her boyfriend, Poutypants McGillicuddy Jordan Masterson while on a break from filiming Fifty Shades of Grey in Vancouver. And if a picture is worth a thousand words ... what are a thousand synonyms for the word "awkward"?

Okay, fine, I'm being hyperbolic, but the pair didn't seem super stoked to be enjoying the Canadian delicacies the Fifty Shades craft service offers (salmon jerky, anyone?). Maybe it's the fact that an obnoxious camera is pointed directly in their face when they're trying to get a bite to eat? Or maybe it's the fact Jordan hates the new-found attention Dakota is receiving with the fire of a thousand suns?


An insider recently told Star magazine that the "attention she is getting bugs him." And, fine, that could totally be tabloid fabrication, but this isn't the first we've heard of Masterson being jealous and/or overprotective of his soon-to-be-crazy-famous girlfriend. Since production started, we've been hearing little tidbits here and there about Masterson and Johson being on the rocks, because of Fifty Shades.

If Jordan and Dakota have any chance of making it, dude better get used to the attention she's getting now -- because it's only going to get more intense. When she starts having to do press for the film -- and when the film premieres! -- it's going to be like night and day. If he just accepts that his formerly-little-known lady is about to be a household name, it'll make the transition much smoother than if he goes into it kicking and screaming.

I, personally, hope these two don't break up -- they sort of seem like a cute couple. But if one thing can make a couple go from cute to oh my god, just break up already, it's jealousy. So, ditch it, Masterson. Y'heard?

Do you think Dakota and Jordan will wind up breaking up?

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