E.L. James Teases '50 Shades' Fans With Smokin' Hot 'Jamie Dornan' Pic (PHOTOS)

jamie dornanWhen E.L. James talks, Fifty Shades of Grey fans listen. So when the author of everyone's favorite pornography erotic novel fired off a few teasey Instagram photos and captions recently, her followers (and non-followers) went wild. And with good reason: James knows how to get people excited about Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey better than anyone.

Like many people, I was unsure about this dude at first. But now I'm proud to declare myself a card-carrying member of Team Dornan. Partly thanks to James and her weirdly-erotic Instagrams.

Here's what the author 'grammed, along with the caption, "Reminds me of something... Or someone... Who can it be?":


I don't know why, but I find this photo vaguely hot. Maybe it's the glass of wine in the background. Or the filter. Whatever it is, I'm into it. And it seems like a better photo than if the name "Hunnam" was spelled out, no?

James also recently re-tweeted this pic:

Not as sexy as the Instagram, but I dig it. And so do the thousands of other people who retweeted and favorited it.

That James, I tell ya. The lady really knows how to get people excited for the movie adaption of the book.

So, with that said, the movie adaption better be as good as the book. Otherwise, all this teasing is for nothing.

Are you excited for the Fifty Shades of Grey movie? Do you like Jamie Dornan as Christian?


Image via Splash News

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