'50 Shades' Producers Set the Record Straight on '3 Movies in 1' Rumors

dakota johnsonOh, dear. We haven't heard this much back and forth around Fifty Shades of Grey movie news since Christian Grey was being cast (the first and second time!) ... If you have a bit of catching up to do on the lightning-speed gossip mill, rumors circulated last week that cast and crew are heading to the Canary Islands for "honeymoon scenes," which made our eyebrows shoot up, because Ana and Christian don't honeymoon until the third book! Then, another report claimed, "James’ trilogy will be condensed into just one film, the production company said in a recent statement."

But HOLD THE PHONE, because TooFab.com reportedly got in touch with Universal, and they said the rumors are false! In other words, there very well may be one flick per book!


But it also bears noting that there was likely never a time when we could 100 percent depend on future installments of the franchise making it to the big screen. Because as with any franchise, the studios need to see how the first film does at the box office before they green light a second and third. As a result, it's up in the air for now whether or not Fifty Shades sequels will be produced.

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Still, good to know there really is no truth to the reports that additional films are out of the question. Also, consider this: Jack Hyde and Elena Lincoln -- among other characters who pop up later in the trilogy -- would definitely have to have been cast if they were to have plans to squeeze the entire trilogy into one film ... right? So until that happens, guess fans can breathe a sigh of relief!

Do you think the film has a shot at being a full-on franchise?


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