New '50 Shades' Rumors Make It Sound Like There Will Be Just 1 Movie

fifty shades dakota johnson jamie dornanFifty Shades of Grey fans, you might want to sit down on your red satin sheets for the latest aggravating news circulating about the flick. While we were all under the impression that Universal and Focus were planning on turning the trilogy into a franchise a la Twilight and Hunger Games, recent buzz about "honeymoon scenes" being filmed in the Canary Islands had us wondering if perhaps they were actually planning on parring E.L. James' story down to one film ... 

Now, further reports are fueling our initial speculation ...


According to Agencia EFE via The Global Post, producers recently confirmed that the trilogy will only be ONE movie. "James’ trilogy will be condensed into just one film, the production company said in a recent statement,” reads the report.

WHAAAAT?! Say it isn't so!

Granted, this is sketchy sourcing. We're not hearing it straight from the horse's -- or, you know, producer's -- mouth by far. The latest reports also assert that the weather in Vancouver has been so crappy that the cast and crew had to cancel their shooting up there and are going to haul it down to Miami for the next two weeks. Apparently, “the downtown Miami skyline looks a lot like downtown Vancouver,” a production company rep reportedly told the publication. Okay ... weird.

It all sounds way too bizarre to be true. Especially considering that Erika herself tweeted in August 2012, "[There will be] three films, hopefully. :)" But maybe her high hopes were shot down by the suits in Hollywood who are worried about turning a profit on even the one, borderline-porn movie, let alone three ...? Maybe after they wrap, Jamie Dornan wants to spend more time being a dad? Maybe the screenwriters agreed it makes more sense to cover the whole trilogy in two hours instead attempting to cover each (terribly written) book out in its own flick? 

It's hard to say. I could see things going either way. In the meantime, seeing whether they continue shooting in Vancouver or actually do end up packing up and heading south may prove just how reliable this report is!

Would you prefer to see the trilogy condensed into one film or spread out in three?


Image via R Chiang/Splash News

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