Fate of Paul Walker's 'Fast & Furious' Character Revealed

Paul WalkerIt's been a tough week for Paul Walker fans. After rumors spread that the Fast & Furious star faked his death and websites were selling photos of the 40-year-old "alive," the final coroner's report about Walker's death was released yesterday, filled with predictably awful findings. Ever since the accident, lovers of Fast & Furious have wondered what would happen to Walker's character Brian O'Connor in the upcoming Fast & Furious 7. Well we've finally got our answer and despite all the saddening news, it may make you smile.

Universal, director James Wan, and writer Chris Morgan have decided on Brian O'Connor's fate. According to The Hollywood Reporter, their plan is to "tweak the script and add scenes so footage of the late actor's Brian O'Connor character can still be used -- but the franchise can continue."

Yup, Walker's character won't be killed off in the film. Instead, producers will simply "retire" his character in a way they hope will satisfy fans. 


It sounds ... perfect. I can't help but relate this to what happened after Glee star Cory Monteith passed last year. It was hard enough for fans to deal with the news of Cory's untimely death, but then to watch their favorite FOX characters deal with the news again on-screen when his character Finn died as well, it was difficult. But understandably, the decision of what to do with an actor's character in the event that they unexpectedly pass, that can never be easy.

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For the Fast & Furious team to decide to let Walker's spirit live on in a way, I think that's just beautiful. It's a wonderful way to celebrate the great, lasting legacy Walker has left behind -- not just on the big screen but as an all-around caring, compassionate individual.

Will you be seeing Fast & Furious 7 in theaters? Do you think they made the right decision about Walker's character?


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