The 11 Stages of Being a '50 Shades of Grey' Fan (PHOTOS)

fifty shades of grey shooting instagram E.L. JamesWith the ringing in of 2014 just hours away, Fifty Shades of Grey fans should be getting more pumped than ever! Once it's 2014, we've only got 14 months to go until Anastasia and Christian finally make it to the big screen. Finally is the perfect word for it, right?

After all, the series' fans have been through the ringer waiting for the highly anticipated flick -- and still have a ways to go. Here, 11 stages of being a Fifty Shades fan ... 

(Warning: The below may be slightly NSFW!)


First, you were super-intrigued to hear about this hot new book series ...

Then, you felt you were being all stealthy reading it on your eReader, though people could probably spot you blushing from miles away.

And you couldn't believe it, but in spite of the really poor writing and gazillion "oh my"s and "holy sh*t"s, you were actually getting all hot and bothered!

Then, you heard the movie rights had been acquired and you were like, "Christian Grey on the big screen?! Sweeeet!"

Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, Ryan Gosling, etc., etc., were named as possible Christians and you were like, "Yes, please."

OR "hell no!"

Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson were cast, and you were like, "Okay, now, we're getting somewhere!"

But, then, Charlie Hunnam quit, and you were like, "What the ...?!!"

But wait, then, Jamie Dornan was cast, and you thought, "Well, hello."

And when they FINALLY started shooting, you were like, "Yes, it's ON!"

Except that now there are still 14 months to go 'til Fifty Shades hits theaters ...

Can you relate to these stages of fandom? Which are we missing?


Image via E.L. James/Instagram

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