Cruel Rumor Has Paul Walker Doing Something Unthinkable

paul walkerDenial is an understandable part of the grieving process. When we lose someone we love or admire, of course our brains and hearts are going to have a hard time coming to terms with the reality of that situation. But facing the truth is crucial if healing is ever to begin.

This holds true even if the person we're grieving is a celebrity. That's one of the many reasons why the idea of faking your own death is so deplorable. It just hurts so many people. Paul Walker, taken from the world and his family too soon, and his friend Roger Rodas are now being accused of doing just that -- faking the accident that cost them their lives. 



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It's just beyond cruel to pick at the fresh wound of Paul and Roger's loss. One website has started trying to SELL PHOTOS of a "still alive" Paul Walker. They claim that the photos of the fiery crash we all saw was a fake -- featuring a man-made fire, and a car placed inside it after the fact. It's an insane gambit on behalf of the site to try and make money at the expense of Paul Walker's good name and if Twitter is anything to go by -- people are furious about it. 

There's only one thing to be gained from started this awful rumor -- money. There are, however, countless things to lose. Not only does this keep people from moving forward in the grieving process, but it besmirches the actor's memory. Why on earth would Paul Walker do something so cruel? It doesn't make any sense.

Do you think this is just a cruel rumor, or do you believe it?


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