Dakota Johnson's Real-Life Boyfriend Is Acting Just Like Her '50 Shades' One

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson may have grown up in Hollywood with three really famous parents, but I'd venture to guess she's never had as much personal media attention as she does right now as Fifty Shades of Grey's leading lady. And while it's unclear how well she's handling her newfound fame, new reports are surfacing that her boyfriend Jordan Masterson isn't a huge fan of it -- at all.

HollywoodLife.com says a source told Star magazine, "The attention she is getting bugs him." Huh. Okay, well, given its origin, the claim could be complete fiction. On the other hand, this isn't the first clue that scoring the role of a lifetime might spell trouble for Dakota and her Scientologist beau ...


For one thing, after the two were photographed last month working out together after hours, it became clear that Jordan is keeping very close to Dakota on set. Maybe it's actually a bit too close for comfort?

And back in September, a source told Grazia magazine, "Jordan feels taking on such a huge role and the fame that goes with it will mean she needs some help -- and that's where Scientology could step in to help her." Ugh. Already it sounded then that he wasn't especially supportive of her stepping into the spotlight. So I wouldn't be surprised if now that her star's getting brighter and more intense, he's less comfortable ... and more jealous a la Christian Grey!

What's more, Dakota admitted in October 2012 that she's a serial monogamist, explaining, "I’ve only been in long-term relationships. I’ve never really dated myself.” But this breakout role and the attention that comes with it could be offering her a taste of independence and is hopefully boosting her confidence in a way that could lend itself to her being single -- or at least less dependent on Jordan or any guy.

False rumor or not, if Jordan can't handle Dakota's success and the spotlight, he's not the guy for her. And if that's the case, she shouldn't worry, because I'm sure after starring as Ana, she'll have her pick of Hollywood hotties.

Do you think there could be any truth to this gossip?


Image via Noeesp/Wikimedia

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