New '50 Shades' Fan Trailer Is Hot Enough to Tide Us Over 'Til the Real Deal (VIDEO)

fifty shades of grey fan trailer jlongboneOh, Fifty Shades of Grey fans, have I got an early Christmas (or late Hanukkah or just because!) gift for you! Although filming of the movie has only been going on for a few short weeks now, so I'm sure there's not nearly enough footage for a trailer just yet ... And there's no word yet on when the official trailer will be ready (though I'm guessing around this Valentine's Day, about one year out from the release date), a new fan-made, un-official one has hit the web, and it's actually fooling fans!

YouTube user JLongbone -- who has brought us other Fifty Shades trailers with other stars -- posted the new one-minute, faux teaser trailer just a little more than a week ago and already has 13K views. For a reason! Featuring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in clips from their past works, the "red band, NC-17-rated" trailer's so well-edited that if you just suspend your disbelief a little, you'll believe it's the real deal.

Check it out ... though, note, it's NSFW!


Wow. The actual trailer editors should take a tip from JLongbone, because his song choice was spot-on, too. Who woulda thought Otis Redding's "Try a Little Tenderness" would work?! But it really does!

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After seeing this, I'm not quite sure how you could question Jamie and Dakota in the roles! I feel like it's enough to sell even the most skeptical fan! Sure, there's a chance that this trailer is just one big fake tease, a total fantasy, and the actual film won't come close, but come on now. After seeing sparks fly between the co-stars in recent on-set snaps, we have nothing to fear.

What do you think about this fan trailer? Does it convince you Jamie and Dakota are Christian and Ana?


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