Anna Paquin Axed From 'X-Men' Sequel After She Already Filmed Scenes

As much as I love Anna Paquin as True Blood's Sookie Stackhouse, it's sometimes easy to forget, while she's slaying and bedding hot vamps left and right, that she won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress at age 11. In other words, she is one hell of a talented movie star, as well as a TV starlet. Well, sorry to break the news for all of you Paquin fans, but Stephen Moyer's gorgeous wife will not be reprising her role as Rogue in X-Men: Days of Future Past. I mean, if you want to get all technical about it, she actually was written into the script, shot her scene, and therefore reprised her role. But this is Hollywood, where nothing is ever set in stone -- Academy Award or not -- and, well, Anna's scene ended up on the cutting room floor. And darn it, Anna deserves better.


I know, I know, a movie maker has a responsibility to tell a story that makes sense and, according to X-Men director Bryan Singer, it was discovered while editing the film that the scene in which Anna appears was "extraneous." Singer swears that his decision to cut her out had nothing at all to do with Anna's acting ability, and that he would work with the actress again "in a heartbeat." 

Singer also says Anna has been made aware of the cut -- imagine having to make that difficult phone call -- and that she is taking it very well. She's been in the business for decades, so I guess it isn't really news to her that scenes get cut sometimes. But man, must it suck to dedicate your time -- especially now that Anna has twin babies at home -- to studying your lines, showing up on set, and filming the same scene for days just to have it snipped out.

Here's hoping 2014 brings new movie roles for Anna. She needs something dramatic and meaty -- a role that will remind us why she is an Oscar winner. Fingers crossed for her.

Are you a fan of Anna Paquin? What would you love to see her do in the future?


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