'50 Shades' Screenwriter Reveals How Much Sex We Can Expect

kelly marcelEver since screenwriter Kelly Marcel was brought on to adapt Fifty Shades of Grey, we've wondered how she was going to bring those nonstop sex scenes to mainstream movie theaters. And for a while there, we even wondered if she would or could with the need for a more box office-friendly R-rating hanging over her ...

Well, maybe producer Dana Brunetti's hope that the film be released in two versions -- one NC-17 and another R-rated cut -- will come true! Because judging from an interview Kelly gave Vanity Fair, it doesn't sounds like she held back on the sex at all!


When asked what kind of TV she watched -- if any -- for inspiration while working on the script, Marcel replied:

Apart from the porn? Lots of porn. No, there wasn't really anything. I didn't for Fifty Shades."

Okay, well, she may have been kidding about the porn. But who knows ... It's possible she had to Google a BDSM term (or illustration ... or clip) or two. And maybe she was looking for ways to make the sex scenes more, uh, realistic. Not that porn is that. But whatever. Let's just see it as a positive indicator that she's gonna give fans what they want.

And if you need further proof, she explained how she worked closely with E.L. James, and what that means for delivering the goods in February 2015 ...

I had E.L. [James] with me every step of the way and she is very, very tied to her fan base, and she really wants to make the film that they'll be happy with. She knows her fans. She knows her audience. She knows her book, so having her around was invaluable because you can't really go wrong when the author is overseeing it. I think it was a great thing.

Sounds like a recipe for success to me!

How 'bout you? At this point, how high are your hopes that the film will deliver?


Image via Xavier Collin/Celebrity Monitor/Splash

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