Explosive 'Couples Therapy' Trailer Reveals a Whole New Farrah Abraham

Farrah AbrahamWhen the news broke that Farrah Abraham was going to appear on VH1 Couples Therapy alone, the jokes were pretty easy to make. The Teen Mom is officially the first to ever star on the reality series about couples and their relationships without actually being in a couple (at least not onscreen). But it may be time to stop joking.

The official trailer for the series -- which airs next month on VH1 -- is out! And aside from the shock of Real Housewives star Taylor Armstrong matter-of-factly referring to husband Russell's suicide with the words, "I found him hanging," Farrah's admissions are far and away the most shocking.

Are you ready for this?


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Did you catch that last part? Where Farrah admitted she has to figure out what the f--k she's doing to herself? Did Farrah actually, gasp, just admit she's not right about something?

Jenn Berman isn't just a celebrity therapist. She must be a darn miracle worker!

Folks, if Farrah is actually up for looking inside herself, this could make for some highly engaging television. We don't even need Jon Gosselin destroying a dining room table (that's what he was doing, right?).

What do you hope to see on Couples Therapy?


Image via VH1/YouTube

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