Dakota Johnson Won't Let Shooting '50 Shades' Ruin Her Relationship

dakota johnson on fifty shades of grey setDakota Johnson may be fully committed to playing Anastasia Steele on the Vancouver set of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie these days, but that isn't preventing her from tending to her relationship with boyfriend Jordan Masterson. Even after a long, grueling day of shooting on set, the happy couple was spied leaving the gym together. So adorbs!

Dakota previously said that doing nude scenes as Ana was serving as motivation for her to amp up her workout routine, but it looks like the time to focus on fitness is also a fantastic way for her to make sure to prioritize her personal life while taking on her biggest role to date!


I gotta give the actress props! Weaving together time with Jordan into her daily grind is a brilliant way to prevent their relationship from ending up on the backburner! Nah, it doesn't sound like the most romantic move in the book, but it sure is practical.

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With the way most of us run around like mad 24/7/365 -- even more so when little ones are in the picture -- sometimes the absolute best way to head off separation anxiety or fallout from too much time apart is by doing what you've gotta do anyway ... together. Yup, I'm also resolutely in that camp that believes there's no shame in scheduling intimate time! Not that spontaneity isn't awesome, but when it simply isn't going to happen due to hectic, stressful schedules, there's no harm in ensuring that sex -- or just one-on-one time -- is prioritized, alongside all the other "must-do"s of the day, like tending to that work assignment or dropping the kids off at karate!

Not that we can definitely say how Dakota and Jordan are making sure they keep the sparks flying while she's filming Fifty Shades ... But something tells me that the subject matter she's dealing with on-set could be helping to keep the fires burning at home. And an extra dose of endorphins from the gym couldn't hurt, either!

How do you and your partner keep your relationship strong even when you've got busy schedules?


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