'50 Shades of Grey' Casts Hot Actor Who Looks Strangely Familiar

dylan neal on arrowRemember when we were waiting months and months for even just a crumb of news about Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting? My, times have changed! Now, we're getting a new announcement every day! The latest: Dylan Neal will play Bob Adams. Who the f...logger is that, you ask? Oh, he's Anastasia's step-father. Yup. That's an actual role! 

Apparently, he was in the book, but, uh, his appearance must've been really brief, because for the life of me, I don't remember Bob. Just the fact that Ana's mom, Carla, who we know is going to be portrayed by Jennifer Ehle, had remarried ... a fourth time. But, cool, okay. Why complain about another Hottie McHotterson gettin' on board for the flick (if only for about five minutes max of screen time)?


You might have recognized the 44-year-old Canadian actor as Dr. Ivo on The CW's Arrow. But wait, he's totally been in something else, too, right ... OMG! DOUG! As in Officer Doug Witter, Pacey's big bro on Dawson's Creek, who ends up falling in love with Jack McPhee! HA! And yep, he's also been on Bones and CSI, but aww, he'll always be Officer Doug to Dawson fans!

doug witter on dawson's creek

Anyway, looks like ol' Doug Dylan has come a long way since his Creek days. In addition to scoring the role of Ana's stepdad, he's also signed on to star in Cedar Grove, The Hallmark Channel series with Andie MacDowell that begins shooting its second season this spring -- well after he's wrapped his scenes scene work on Fifty Shades, I'm guessing.

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While Dylan's involvement is definitely interesting to hear about, I'm left wondering who the heck they've got for a much more important, intriguing, and yet-to-be-announced role ... Elena Lincoln! The hold-out must mean that they're either falling seriously short filling the gig or it's going to be a BIG reveal. At this rate, we'll know soon enough!

What do you think about Dylan's casting? Do you remember Bob from the series?


Image via CW

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