Calm Down Everyone, Ben Affleck Won't Cheat With New Wonder Woman

It seems like the second Israeli model Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Batman vs. Superman film, rumors began to fly about how she and a certain male co-star will absolutely, definitely hook up based on the fact that ... they're both pretty, I guess?

Yes, I'm talking about Ben Affleck, who will be playing Batman and working closely alongside Gal. According to reports, Ben's wife Jennifer Garner is NOT happy about this casting choice and doesn't trust Ben, who is the father of their three children and to whom she has been married since 2005.


Can we all take a deep breath and think for a moment? This is not the first time mags have speculated that Ben will cheat on his way too nice, way too low-key wife. Any time he comes within 10 feet of a starlet who has that Angelina Jolie-type ferocity in her (Blake Lively and Emily Ratajkowski are just two examples), everyone goes wild and assumes the man can't control himself.

But this is really about painting Jen as the next Jennifer Aniston, isn't it? Her sweetness just invites this kind of annoying speculation. No one can imagine why a man would be content to be married to a lovely woman and mom who sometimes leaves the house without makeup (like, really without makeup, and not Selena Gomez-without makeup). 

It's silly and immature. It's also naive to assume that Ben's only opportunities to cheat come from meeting women on movie sets. The man probably has women falling at his feet each time he visits a pharmacy to pick up diapers or fulfill a prescription. And don't forget, Jen is pretty gorgeous and has had many an opportunity herself, I'm sure.

And, although I know little about Gal, other than the fact that she starred in the Fast & Furious film series and is married with a child, why is the assumption that she is looking for love instead of just trying to further her career, like any other working actress? It's annoying enough that Wonder Woman can't star in a movie of her very own. Must we also assume that the actress who plays her needs a man with star power to elevate her to the next level in Hollywood?

Sigh. Ben, don't prove me wrong here. 

What do you think of the new Wonder Woman? Do you think Jen should be scared that Ben will cheat with her? 


Image via GalGadot/Twitter

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