Major '50 Shades' Casting News: Anastasia Steele's Roommate Revealed!

Eloise MumfordFor those of you who are anxiously awaiting the final casting of the Fifty Shades of Grey movie, I'd like to introduce you to Eloise Mumford, who Universal Pictures and Focus Features have chosen to play Anastasia Steele's roommate in the film. Yes, that's right, Eloise will be playing the part of Kate Kavanagh.

Considering this is one of the last major roles that needed to be filled, this is great news! We are officially one step closer to the actual movie.

So who is this Eloise, exactly? Well, I've done a little research.


She's a 27-year-old actress who doesn't have the most extensive resume. She appeared in the indie film, "Drones" and on 8 episodes of ABC's "The River," and not too much else. Still, I think this is a good thing. For the same reason we didn't want Robert Pattinson playing Christian Grey, we don't want some famous face playing Kate. We needed someone new.

Not to mention, Eloise looks exactly how I pictured Kate. She's gorgeous, vibrant -- the hair, the eyes, everything. I love it. I think she is the perfect fit for this role. And I think she'll be great alongside Dakota Johnson.

Do you think Eloise will make a good Kate Kavanagh? If not, who do you see instead?

Image via Byron Purvis AdMedia/Corbis

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