Jamie Dornan Was Secretly Happy When Charlie Hunnam Dropped Out of '50 Shades'

jamie dornanIf you're a Fifty Shades of Grey fan, you've obviously read the Entertainment Weekly interview with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson. In fact, you may have even had the article laminated and framed. There are all sorts of juicy tidbits in the story, but one quote I can't seem to help going back to is the one where Jamie Dornan pretty much says he was happy when he found out Charlie dropped out. That's kind of adorable.


During the first round of casting, Dornan had sent an audition tape to producers but didn't get a call back for an actual screen test. (Sad.) So when word got out that Charlie had backed out of the film, Dornan got a little excited. "You know, one door closes, another opens," he said. "When [Charlie] dropped out, I didn’t instantly think, 'Oh here we go, maybe I should cancel that holiday,' but I did feel that maybe we’d revisit the idea of me." I don't know why, but I find something about that notion so cute. Maybe it's because a lot of the time male actors tend to give off that "pssh, I don't care about anything" machismo vibe. Dornan was being honest -- dude wanted the part.

I know we're a nation divided on who we think the best Christian Grey would be. But I've gotta be honest here: I'm really coming around to this Jamie guy. He's got the accent; he's got the abs; and he's not afraid to admit to a little vulnerability. What could be sexier than that?

Who is your ideal Christian Grey?


Image via Entertainment Weekly

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