'50 Shades of Grey' Library Book Had Herpes -- Seriously

Be careful, Fifty Shades of Grey might give you a venereal disease! And I'm not even talking about the fact that it may rev your libido up to the point where you start having sex with the world. I'm talking about borrowing the popular book from the library. A copy of Fifty Shades in a library in Belgium was found to have trace amounts of herpes on it.


Apparently scientists decided to experiment with finding out whether books contained venereal diseases, so they chose the most obvious contender for a flaming case of VD and tested it. Lo and behold, herpes was found on the book.

The good news? There wasn't enough to give anyone the disease. Which is small comfort.

The scientists also tested 10 other books and herpes was found on one more, so let's not get too down on Fifty -- it has company! And, oh yeah, trace amounts of cocaine were found on ALL of the books.

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Hey, maybe cocaine and VD is big in Belgium, but you know what? It's big here too! As a frequent library book checker outer, I'm a bit skeeved by this. In fact, I'm about to go disinfect the three library books I have right now -- none of which are Fifty Shades of Nasty.

This does make you think twice about checking out the type of book that one might consider "masturbatory material." But, frankly, it makes me think twice about checking out ANY type of book. Lord only knows what people find a turn-on. I'm sure someone, somewhere, thinks Gwyneth's Paltrow's It's All Good is totally HOT.


Does this make you rethink your library book choices?


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