Dakota Johnson Is Freaked Out Over Her Parents Seeing Her as Anastasia Steele

Dakota Johnson Melanie GriffithThis probably won't come as any sort of huge surprise, but Dakota Johnson is banning her parents from the Fifty Shades of Grey set. She doesn't think it's appropriate for them to see her filming sex scene after sex scene after sex scene with Jamie Dornan.

Uh ... can you blame her?

Apparently she doesn't particularly like watching Melanie Griffith and/or Don Johnson taking part in romantic trysts on film either, which is why she assumes they probably won't be too keen on seeing her get her freak on.


So that's why Don and Melanie won't be hanging around the Fifty Shades set.

But why draw the line there? I mean, odds are good they'll both be invited to the movie premiere. They'll be forced to sit there in a theater watching their daughter get tied up and engage in all sorts of other erotic acts, which could prove to be pretty uncomfortable. (To say the least.)

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I know she won't be having sex for real or anything like that, but still -- no parent should ever see their child's "O" face, whether she's faking it for the cameras or not. (Ok, now I'm just plain grossed out.)

If I were Dakota, I'd definitely think about forbidding mom and pop to see the flick -- or I'd at least provide them with blindfolds to wear during the steamier parts of the movie.

Oh wait ... that might defeat the purpose and make things even worse if they're simply listening to the sex scenes and having to imagine what their precious little girl is doing.

Ok, this whole thing is weirding me out way too much. Hide your eyes and cover your ears, Melanie and Don. This is probably way too much for you to handle.

Would you allow your parents to see the movie if you were Dakota?


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