Jennifer Lawrence Leaves 'Catching Fire' Red Carpet to Comfort Crying Young Fan (VIDEO)

Most celebrities treat red carpet events as if they are the end-all-be-all of their existence. I mean, they take themselves so seriously. They refuse to make jokes that haven't been pre-approved by their publicists, or they stand 200 feet away from their adoring fans and wave in such a way that their perfect jewelry catches the perfect amount of light. In a way, I get it. It's all part of their job. 

But that's what makes Jennifer Lawrence the most refreshing young actress to come along since ... er, I'll get back to you on that one. She looks like someone who will actually acknowledge your existence and maybe even have a beer with you. And after what she did at this week's London premiere of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, it's pretty apparent that she values the important things in life way more than she does her celebrity status.


Instead of parading around the red carpet like she were queen for the day, J-Law took notice of her fans and asked security guards to push aside a barricade so she could console a little girl in a wheelchair. The child was crying and Jennifer knelt down to chat with her for a minute. She signed an autograph for a woman who appears to be the girl's mom, posed for a photo with the girl, and then wrapped her arms around her to give her a big, warm embrace.

I challenge you to watch the video clip below, which captures the moment, and not tear up. 

Now, I realize what the Oscar-winning actress did wasn't anything different from what many of us would do if we were in her shoes. Maybe the bar has been set so low for celebs lately that we are simply amazed when one crawls out from within herself long enough to show compassion for someone else. But I can't help feeling like Jennifer is the real deal. I adore her lately, particularly after her thoughtful comments about how she doesn't want little girls to see Katniss in movies and think they have to skip dinner in order to look like her. 

So many actresses try to convince themselves that they aren't role models. They make silly choices in order to prove to the public that they don't have a responsibility to set an example for young girls. But Jennifer seems to be embracing this role. And I feel she deserves all of the positive attention she's receiving. 

Check out the clip:

Do you think Jennifer Lawrence deserves all the hype she's receiving or do you feel she's overrated? 


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