‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ First Trailer Is Mind-Blowingly Awesome (VIDEO)

x-men days of future pastWho doesn't love Michael Fassbender? Or Jennifer Lawrence? Or even ... Tyrion Lannister?! That's right, the new trailer for X-Men: Day of Future Past is here! And talk about star power ... I don't think they could have possibly jammed any more actors into one movie. Because the two generations of X-Men will finally come together!

Sadly, the movie doesn't come out until May 23, 2014. But that doesn't mean we still can't geek out about it. As you can see, time travel will be a huge part of this film. Basically, a senator is assassinated, which leads to mutants becoming virtually extinct and hunted down by robots. They send a ridiculously hot Hugh Jackman, er, Wolverine (it was Kitty Pryde in the original comics) to go to the past and stop the chain of events. It's the seventh time Jackman has played Wolverine. And we aren't complaining at all. So much hotness in this trailer! Plus, Game of Thrones fans should be nerding out too with their first look at a badass Peter Dinklage.


Check it out:

So. Many. Mutants. How could the script writers even keep it all straight? The plot does seem to be a tad complicated and convoluted, and somehow I can't help but think this movie has to be five hours long to fit everything in. It picks up after Matthew Vaughn's awesome prequel X-Men: First Class, when we first saw Professor X and Magneto team up, then separate.

And don't worry, the sentinels are coming, even if they haven't yet made an appearance in the trailer. Director Bryan Singer also unveiled a website for the fictitious Trask Industries, which creates the robots that hunts down the mutants.

The movie may be months and months away, but there's little doubt that fans of the X-Men franchise are eating all this up. The first teaser looks amazing and I can't wait to see what Singer releases next to promote his film.

Are you an X-Men fan? Will you go see this latest installment?


Image via X-Men Movies/YouTube

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