14 Skin-Crawling Horror Movies Based on Real-Life Hauntings

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My Halloween tradition in recent years involves three mission-critical components: 1) trick-or-treating with my kids, 2) secretly raiding their candy stash after they go to bed for my favorite treats (what, it's not like they're going to miss one fun-sized Kit Kat) (okay fine like eight fun-sized Kit Kats), and 3) forcing my husband to watch a horror movie with me. My husband hates horror movies, so my entertainment is twofold. There's the scary stuff happening onscreen, and the hilarity of my husband moaning from the couch, "Ugh NO. Why are they -- NO. WHY. GOD, WHY AM I WATCHING THIS."


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Anyway, if you're also thinking ahead to what horror fare you'll be serving on Halloween evening, consider this list of scary movies that are supposedly based on true supernatural events. Did the hair-raising scenes in these movies really happen? People will just have to watch and decide for themsleves I guess ... after going to sleep with the lights on, of course.

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For real though, most of these stories are terrifying. We're not sure how much truth is in them, but I would rather not have to find out ... like ever

Here are 14 horror films that apparently had some truth to back them up.

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