Final 'Catching Fire' Trailer Offers Scary Glimpse at Katniss' Fate (VIDEO)

catching fire trailerNow that we've got less than a month to go before the November 22 release of Catching Fire, Lionsgate has released a brand-new, final trailer to stoke our interest in the already hugely-anticipated sequel. While the last one, released at Comic-Con over the summer, was two full minutes chockablock with various elements we can't wait to see -- the fashion, the romance, the mind-blowing sets of Capitol City and the Aquatic Arena -- this last glimpse at the flick is a bit more ... terrifying, I'd say.

Maybe it's because we're getting a look at the movie through the perspective of Katniss Everdeen herself, who we see becoming more and more aware of the gravity of her situation.

Check it out ...



Whoa. As bold and brave, fearless and hopeful as Katniss is, you can't help but feel your heart fall into your stomach seeing her actually take on President Snow, fight for her life in the Quarter Quell, and contend not only with the Games' traps (like the Jabberjays, which we saw for the first time here!), but the people's growing investment in Katniss as a symbol of hope -- and interest in rebellion. As a result, this trailer, while shorter than the last two, is even more poignant, frightening, gut-wrenching, and obviously all you need to see to know Catching Fire's not to be missed.

How does this final trailer leave you feeling?



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