Lou Reed Dies at 71: 10 Quotes From the Musical Legend

lou reedPioneer of rock and roll, Lou Reed has died. The very sad news came from his literary agent and one of his doctor's who added that he died peacefully and had his loved ones around him in his home on Long Island, New York. Reed, 71, had end stage liver disease and had a liver transplant in May, after which he said, "I am a triumph of modern medicine, physics and chemistry. I am bigger and stronger than ever."

Sadly complications arose and there wasn't much doctors could do. Reed wanted to be in the comfort of his home and thankfully he was when he passed with his wife Laurie Anderson by his side. He's left behind an incredible collection of work. Here are some of our favorite quotes and songs by this gifted and influential artist.


1. There's a bit of magic in everything, and some loss to even things out.

2. Anyone who has ever had a heart wouldn't turn around and break it half. Anyone who has ever played a part, they're not gonna turn around and hate it.

3. Life is like Sanskrit read to a pony.

4. I’ve always believed that there’s an amazing number of things you can do through a rock 'n' roll song and that you can do serious writing in a rock song if you can somehow do it without losing the beat.

5. Teach them about anger, the sin that comes with dawning. Teach them about flowers, and the beauty of forgiveness.

6. I think life is far too short to concentrate on your past. I rather look into the future.

7. I think that everything happens for a reason, everything happens when it's going to happen.

8. I don't believe in dressing up reality. I don't believe in using makeup to make things look smoother.

9. These are really terribly rough times, and we really should try to be as nice to each other as possible.

10. When you're all alone and lonely in your midnight hour and you find that your soul it's been up for sale and you begin to think about all the things that you've done and you begin to hate just about everything. But remember the princess who lived on the hill who loved you even though she knew you was wrong. And right now she just might come shining through and the glory of love just might come through.

Below are the songs Coney Island Baby, I Love You Suzanne, and Sweet Jane. My favorites.

Rest in peace, Lou Reed.

Which is your favorite quote and song by Lou Reed?

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