Tom Hardy Playing Elton John Is Just All Sorts of Wrong

tom hardyTom Hardy is a fine actor. He is also incredibly hot. Like, hot enough that it is almost a problem. I would watch him do just about anything. I would watch him make ice cubes. I was going to say, I'd watch him paint a wall, but given the amount of heaving and arm-strength that requires, I have no doubt that Tom Hardy painting a wall would be captivating in the extreme.

Even with most of his face covered and his voice horribly altered for The Dark Knight Rises when he played Bane, I was still sort of like, "Bane can get it." "It" being me. Carnally. All of this said, it was recently announced that Tom Hardy will be taking on a new sort of challenge in his next big role. As much faith as I have in the guy (also lust), I can't shake the feeling that it's a bad fit.


Tom is slated to play the role of Elton John in the biopic about the singer, titled Rocketman. Uh. Blame my limited scope of imagination, but I'm having a hard time picturing that, you know? Elton John as a young man, clearly, does not look like he does now ... but still, even in his youth, he was no Tom Hardy. Please don't be mad at me, Sir Elton. You are awesome and I am loath to incur your wrath.

I think there are a couple of actors who'd be really great choices to play the guy. For one, and go with me on this, I think Daniel Radcliffe would be amazing. Seriously! We already know he rocks spectacles, and I think he'd be a fitting young-Elton. Plus, he's been on Broadway, so the singing would be easy. I would also accept the fabulous star of NBC's Hannibal, Hugh Dancy. In fact, Hugh might be the best choice. I say that solely because I find his smile to be so winning.

Which ever way they go, I hope they aren't married to Tom Hardy. Because, while he's awesome, the energy he brings to the screen isn't right for the role. I mean, the guy's next big movie hitting theatres is a remake of Mad Max. In closing, I'd like to add:


Do you think Tom Hardy's right for the role? If not, who else would you like to see play Elton?


Images via Andrew Medichini/Getty; Tumblr

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