10 Sexy Jamie Dornan Photos That Prove He's the Right Man for '50 Shades'

Jeanne Sager | Oct 24, 2013 Movies

Jamie Dornan Ladies, we have our Christian Grey! Irish actor Jamie Dornan will be stepping in to fill the hole left when Charlie Hunnam said laters baby to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. But what do we really know about this guy? Is the Once Upon a Time star really fit to fill those holey jeans?

Anastasia Steele described her man as "the epitome of male beauty, breathtaking." So does Jamie Dornan fit? There is really only one way to tell, of course. Go to the photos!

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After careful review, we're thinking the folks at Universal and Focus might have gotten the right guy this time. I mean, he's not Ian Somerhalder or Robert Pattinson, but would you look at this guy?

Check out the photos (OMG, number 8!!) and tell us: do you think Jamie Dornan could be the right man to walk into the Red Room of Pain? Who do you think would be better?


Image via Splash News

  • Eye on the Prize



    On ABC's Once Upon a Time, he played the sexy Sheriff Graham and the Huntsman, but Christian Grey will be Jamie's biggest role to date. From the look of it, he's got his eye on the prize ...

  • A Package Check


    Image via Splash News

    From the looks of it, Jamie has the proper anatomy for the job!


  • The Corporate Exec


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    Pheww, he can carry off a suit -- he's good to go for the scenes at Grey Enterprises.

  • Filling Out a Pair of Jeans


    Image via Pacific Coast News

    Ignore Keira Knightley on his arms if you can -- those two are so over anyway -- but at least we know the man looks good in a pair of jeans!

  • Getting Dirty


    Image via Splash News

    Well, this says it all, doesn't it? Jamie Dornan doesn't mind getting ... DIRTY!

  • Those Eyes!


    Image via Splash News

    Anastasia Steele once described Christian's eyes as "smoldering," and from the looks of Jamie at the premiere of Marie Antoinette (he played Axel von Fersen), they certainly are.

  • Stripped Down


    Image via Splash News

    Jamie stripped down for a sexy Calvin Klein ad with Eva Mendes a few years back. Half naked and covered in sweat, he's 50 shades of sexy!

  • That ASS!


    Image via Splash News


    Let's face it, there is no kinky f---ery if the man does not have a good looking behind. All the better for a good paddling?

  • Up Against the Guys


    Image via Ian Gavan/Getty Images

    Jamie was the only guy in clothes at Calvin Klein's 9 Countries, 9 Men, 1 Winner - Photocall. What does it say when the guy wearing the clothes is the one everyone's checking out?

  • Scruffy Mr. Grey


    Image via Wikimedia

    Charlie Hunnam got a lot of criticism for being TOO scruffy to play the polished Christian Grey, but from the looks of Jamie when he's sporting a beard, scruff isn't such a bad thing!

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