Shocking '50 Shades' News Has Us Thinking Charlie Hunnam Would've Been Nuts to Play Christian

charlie hunnam With every passing day, we're getting more scoop on not only the actors who actually have a real crack (get it, heh heh) at playing Christian Grey ... but what happened to our original Christian. 

Sources tell reputable source The Hollywood Reporter that the actor's discomfort with all of the noise around the project had been mounting for at least four weeks before he threw in the towel. So what we previously heard about him having a problem with the attention and level of fame associated with playing Christian still appears to be true.

But THR sheds even more light on to Charlie Hunnam's exit from the flick, and man oh man, given these new revelations, no one could blame the guy for leaving the building!


Charlie was also only being paid a reported $125,000 for the film -- which we all know is based on books that have sold more than 70 million copies worldwide and surpassed Harry Potter as the fastest-selling paperback of all time! So INSANE!

And as if that insulting pay day wasn't bad enough, Charlie, who wrote the Gothic horror screenplay Vlad for Brad Pitt's Plan B and Summit Entertainment, is said to have submitted his own very detailed script notes on screenwriter Kelly Marcel's adaptation. The notes were well received, sources say, but that only led to Hunnam seeking further script approval, which was denied. "That's Charlie, that's who he is. He's particular," says one source.

Oof. Not only was he struggling with the attention and sort of fame Fifty Shades was bound to bring him, but he was also contending with financial and creative disagreement? I can definitely understand then why he was butting heads all over the place! He even reportedly was having problems with director Sam Taylor-Johnson. And when things got really ugly earlier this month, his agency warned him that if he left, he'd embarrass the new studio Focus Features studio chair (big whoop) and burn a bridge with one of the major studios. Guess Charlie didn't care, cuz he still walked! (Ha, wow, for some reason, that makes him even hotter, right?)

Yeesh! Before all of this came out, I was convinced another actor would be thrilled to join the hotly-anticipated film. But now it's all sounding like one big hot mess! Given what Charlie was allegedly dealing with, I can't imagine WHO is going to want to step into the Red Room of Pain after all ...

Can you believe this?! Do you think another actor will be able to avoid the issues Charlie had -- or put up with that sort of pay?!


Image via FX

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