The Weirdest Horror Movie You Will Ever See (VIDEO)

hell noEvery single horror movie hinges on one important element: The stupidity of its characters. They don't have to be stupid through the entire film, though obviously it helps if they are. They just have to make a few key, boneheaded decisions. If you're smart, you'll get yourself out of danger. But if you're a fool, you'll have everyone on the edge of their seat.

One horror movie dares to reject this time-honored horror movie formula. Joe Nicolosi's Hell No: The Sensible Horror Film shows you what happens when horror flick characters stop acting like idiots and actually use their heads for once. Watch the trailer. You're going to experience a new emotion, and it's not going to be terror. Dun dun dunnnnnn!!!!


Wait, before I show you this trailer, are you sure you're ready? I don't think you are. This is a different kind of horror movie, one with less, um, horror. Unless you think it's horrifying when horror movies are not as horrifying! And then ... sorry, I'm getting lost here.

Actually, this isn't a real movie. I wish it were! It's a parody trailer that spoofs all other horror movies.

And here I'm just going to confess: I hate most horror movies. It's partly because I'm a sensitive flower who cannot handle the violence and gore, not to mention all that jumping out with knives and super-scary faces. Why can't the murderously supernatural be more attractive? It's also because MY GOD, a woman can only watch so much idiocy before she loses all faith in the plausibility of the plot. It's just that I'm a sensible woman, and I like sensible movies.

Anyway, that's why I love this horror movie trailer, and why I wish it were for a real movie. I would watch this movie! Get ready to have all your fun ruined, sociopaths and monsters.

Do you think the characters in horror movies are too unrealistically dumb?


Image via pixelspersecond/YouTube

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