5 Things We Already Know About '50 Shades' Recasting of Christian Grey

jamie dornanCharlie Hunnam's dramatic exit from Fifty Shades of Grey has opened a whole new can of worms related to finding the flick's Christian ... again. Although there's a new short list of eligible contenders (Jamie Dornan? Alex Pettyfer!? Alexander Skarsgard, oh my!) and a LOT of speculation about what's going on behind-the-scenes, there are some facts about casting Christian Grey 2.0 we simply cannot deny.

Here, everything we know (so far) about how Charlie's replacement will be cast ...

  1. You can forget Matt Bomer. Sorry, fangirls and petition-signers, but insiders say there's little chance the White Collar star is going to be able to make Fifty Shades work with his schedule -- and current appearance. Bomer's too busy/skinny right now, as he's playing an AIDS patient in the highly-anticipated HBO flim The Normal Heart.
  2. And you can forget A-listers. The future Mr. Christian Grey will be someone who “needs a career boost” and “can benefit from a high-profile role,” executive editor at The Hollywood Reporter Matthew Belloni says. Plus, execs want to keep the budget below $30 million, so they're not going to pay someone like Ryan Gosling his going rate.
  3. But Ian may be a possibility! Yup. IAN SOMERHALDER (the crowd goes wild!) is rumored to be back in the running, according to the Post. Somerhalder's rep had no comment. If he was totally out of the loop, they would've just said that, right?
  4. Either way, they need someone who comes off as sexy -- but not too in-your-face sexy. “Clearly [Grey] should be sexy but he shouldn’t be wearing his sexiness on his sleeve. There should be some depth to him,” says casting director Brooke Thomas -- who isn't working on the film but must've been quoted for knowing the biz -- tells The NY Post.
  5. E.L. James gets final approval. So no matter what casting directors or even the director Sam Taylor-Johnson may want, Belloni says, “I’m told [E.L.]’s giving a sign-off on everyone." So maybe it'll be Rob after all? Ha!

Who do you think will nab the part?


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