Jennifer Lawrence Is More Perfect Than Ever in New 'Hunger Games: Catching Fire' TV Trailer (VIDEO)

You know what I love about Jennifer Lawrence? Probably the same thing as everyone else. Girl gets excited for French fries and pockets in her ball gowns. She’s just so naturally awkward and somehow gracefully funny at the same time. Basically, she’s my best friend even though she doesn’t know it yet.

So I was super excited to watch the new Hunger Games: Catching Fire TV trailer. I’m one of those people that devoured the books, and fell in love with Jennifer as on-screen Katniss in the first movie.


Here’s why she’s perfect as Katniss:

  • She’s beautiful, but not "pretty." Katniss doesn't do pretty.
  • She’s strong. And she handles that bow and arrow like a boss.
  • She has the best death stares.
  • She makes being covered in dirt and twigs work for her.
  • She is Katniss -- stoic, recalcitrant, brave Katniss -- the reluctant hero who just wants to stay alive and ends up being a symbol of hope.

She’s basically perfect. The movie looks pretty good too -- in theatres November 22.


Are you excited for Catching Fire?


Image via The Hunger Games/YouTube


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