6 Major Shake-Ups on '50 Shades of Grey' Movie Since Charlie Hunnam Quit

dakota johnsonFrom the moment news broke this weekend that Charlie Hunnam was walking from Fifty Shades of Grey, we could've guessed a lot of fans would be disappointed -- and gleeful. But the aftermath of the shake-up behind-the-scenes of the flick was less apparent.

Well, now, we're hearing more about what's been going on since Charlie's exit and what changes we can expect in the wake of the actor's departure ...

  1. A new writer has been hired. Kelly Marcel's script is now in the hands of Patrick Marber (Closer, Notes on a Scandal), who was brought on-board on Friday to "do a polish and character work on the script," according to The Hollywood Reporter. It's not that shocking, as producers often bring a new writer on as they get closer to shooting, but still, Marber's hiring has caused speculation to swirl that the script might be the reason behind Charlie's abrupt departure. Hmmm. At any rate, Universal claims the script will still be ready for a November start date, should the studio be able to find a new leading man in time.
  2. Dakota's calling the shots. Now that Charlie's gone, those in the know say producers are going to have to find a leading man who has chemistry with their Ana -- not the other way around. Which leads us to the fact that ...
  3. Dakota Johnson isn't going anywhere. Sources say she's 100 percent committed to the part, reports The Wrap.
  4. But apparently, she's struggling with the spotlight all the same. "It's been tough. ... Dakota is having a very hard time dealing with all the press. When she first got the role, it was way too much for her," a source tells E! News.
  5. As for the next Christian, legit top contenders for Charlie's replacement include (drumroll, please!) ... Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter the short list includes Jamie Dornan of the U.K. series The Fall and Alexander Skarsgard of True Blood. The studio also is revisiting its initial list of possible contenders, including Theo James and Christian Cooke. Apparently, they'd also love Garrett Hedlund, who had received an informal offer during the first round of casting, but he's unavailable due to his schedule on Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, which starts shooting this week in Australia.
  6. Production and the release date could very well be delayed. No matter what the studio says, with the rewrites and the search for Christian back on ... Variety reports that production -- and in turn, the August 1, 2014 release date -- may be postponed.

Do you think production will be delayed? Who can you see them bringing on to replace Charlie?

Image via Johns PKI/Splash News

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