'50 Shades of Grey' Miscasting Is Written All Over Charlie Hunnam's Face

charlie hunnam on soaLove it or hate it, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are on-board for the long haul with the Fifty Shades of Grey series as Christian and Ana. But for some reason, we're still talking about whether or not the actors were miscast. Cosmo even recently explored just how suitable they are for the parts based on something kiiinda out of left field: Their facial features!

The ladymag spoke with facial features expert Jean Haner, who revealed which actor she thinks is a perfect fit and which is completely WRONG ... And I'm guessing you'll be pretty surprised -- and possibly even fired up -- by what she had to say.


dakota johnson

Apparently, Dakota is, in Haner's opinion, the perfect Ana. That's because she has prominent cheeks, which are a sign of someone who will speak up for her needs. She also has straight (vs. rounded) eyebrows, which are a sign of someone who's more practical and no-nonsense. She holds some tension in her mouth, which means she has emotional boundaries. Her deep-set eyes, sculpted nose, and tension in her lips suggest she's more introverted ... but not too much so. (Huh?) And finally, she has a strong chin, which equals a strong sex drive. Interesting.

Meanwhile, Haner says Charlie Hunnam's facial features -- full lips, wide face, rounded hairline, somewhat rounded eyebrows -- lead her to believe he "doesn't have a kinky bone in his body." For instance, his full lips mean "at his heart, he's a family man who loves kids. He's interested in making the woman in his life happy, but not controlling her in any way," while his slightly rounded eyebrows say "he's not so interested in weird or unusual sexual lifestyles." Therefore, he's not "believable in the role."

Instead, she would have recommended "a guy with sharp cheekbones and hollowness to his cheeks -- both features of someone who likes to be in control. He'd also have a strong brow bone and deep-set eyes, which are signs of someone who likes to be domineering, and a widow's peak, which usually means the person has natural sex appeal and charisma, and tends to enjoy kinky sex." Oh plllleeease. (Sounds like she's on Team Ian, huh?) Annoying!

Obviously there's a lot more to being believable in a role than this. Namely, the chemistry between the actors -- which Charlie has already spoken to! -- and their pure talent. While it's good to know Dakota's facial features make her a good fit, there's no reason fans should be less than thrilled about Charlie as Christian. Rounded eyebrows and full lips aside, I'm sure his performance will blow us away. 

What do you think about this analysis? Are you with Haner?


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