Girl Scares the Bejeezus Out of Coffee Shop Customers in Amazing Telekinetic Prank (VIDEO)

telekinetic coffee shopWhat would you do if you were at a coffee shop, minding your own business, just trying to get a cup of Joe to get you through the day, when an angry woman throws a man up against the wall without even touching him. Holy telekinetic horror show! Someone actually did that -- but it was all part of an elaborate prank. Of course, the people in the coffee shop didn't know that. And how they pulled off this scary prank without causing anyone to have a heart attack is beyond me. You have to see this!


Lucky you -- you get to see this prank getting set up so you pretty much know what's coming. The folks in the coffee shop, on the other hand, have no idea what's going on. From the start of the prank, I think everyone had an uneasy feeling. A man accidentally spills a young woman's coffee, and she gets angry at him -- furious. She's overreacting, actually, which sets everyone on edge. You know, when you can tell you're in the room with someone who's kind of out of control?

When she throws her arm out and the man slams against the wall and then slides up, people are freaked the hell out. But it's still kind of funny -- and people can't resist staying to see what happens next. You can tell, they're still kind of thinking, "Did I just see what I think I saw? Weird ..."

It escalates from there and I actually started to worry about the customers not in on the prank. Several look seriously distressed. Imagine being a rational person who does not believe in supernatural powers. And then, one day, you see this spectacularly dramatic display of what appears to be telekinetic violence. That would change your whole idea of how the world works! Witness people's minds being blown.

And in the end, it's an elaborate prank to get us all hyped about the new remake of the movie Carrie. You guys, I was already excited to see that movie. No need to give us a heart attack in the name of publicity!

What would you have done if you'd been in this coffee shop?


Image via CarrieNYC/YouTube

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