Charlie Hunnam Quitting Rumors Aren't Even '50 Shades' Movie's Biggest Problem Now

charlie hunnamWhile everyone is ridiculously distracted by silly rumors about Charlie Hunnam quitting Fifty Shades of Grey, we're forgetting to ask the most important question of the moment: Who the heck is the supporting cast?! Granted, as it's been said time and again, the story is mostly centered on Anastasia and Christian. Even the producers admitted that they devoted a significant amount of time to casting the leads, because they are the heart of the film. So the talent stepping into the shoes of, say, Kate KavanaghElliot GreyElena Lincoln, etc., wasn't a priority. Back in August, that was understandable.

But uh, now that we're thisclose to the movie actually shooting? Kinda seems imperative that they nail down the rest of the cast, doncha think?


Reports last month stated that Focus and Universal plan to start shooting in Vancouver, B.C. on November 5 -- almost a month away. And yet, that IMDb page for the film is looking pretty barren! 

Everyone needs to be able to wrap their head around being cast, get a look at the script, prepare for shooting, right? Is the studio really going to give people less than a month to do all of that? Maybe. Or perhaps they've already been cast, and they're just waiting for the most opportune moment to reveal the news. Maybe we won't hear 'til buzz about E.L. James' wine has died down, and the author's willing to change the conversation? Ha. Who knows!

All we do know is that if we don't hear about the rest of the cast soon, it seems safe to assume that shooting isn't going to start when we first suspected it would, and production could end up getting delayed. If that's happening on account of casting supporting characters, that's all sorts of ridiculous!

What do you think is going on with casting? Who do you hope will be cast in the supporting roles?


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