Charlie Hunnam Sets Record Straight on '50 Shades' Quitting Rumors (PHOTO)

charlie hunnamNo matter how ludicrous they sound, rumors that Charlie Hunnam is quitting Fifty Shades of Grey over fan discontent are still flying! Some have even gone so far as to brainstorm wish lists of actors who could replace the actor if he walks. Puhleeez! It's not going to happen. And now, we have even more reason to believe Charlie is hunkering down to play Christian Grey ...

The actor was reportedly getting cozy with E.L. James only a couple of days ago!


The author tweeted, "Guess who ..." alongside a photo of Charlie's forearm tattoo that his character, Jax Teller, wears on Sons of Anarchy. Check it out ...

charlie hunnam tattoo forearm e.l. james

Whoa. Is anyone else jealous she was so up close and personal with the actor? (Okay, obviously not those of you still rooting for Matt Bomer and Ian Somerhalder to take his place ...) 

It's pretty damn clear that these two wouldn't be hanging out, talkin' tattoos, snapping Twitpics, etc., if Charlie wasn't definitively, solidly, permanently on-board with the film. In fact, it appears that quite the contrary is goin' on here. E.L. is falling even harder for her new leading man ... and I wouldn't be surprised if the rest of the film producers were doing the same. After all, they splurged to outfit the actor with bodyguards already!

Clearly, Charlie's getting the superstar treatment and fawning-over he deserves. And he'll continue to enjoy it for the rest of this wild ride he undoubtedly plans to see through 'til the very end!

What do you guess Charlie and E.L. discussed at their hangout? Are you glad he seems like he's here to stay?


Images via FX & Twitter

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