Aaron Paul's Post-'Breaking Bad' Career Has Us Worried (VIDEO)

Aaaron PaulIf I were Breaking Bad actor Aaron Paul, I imagine that I would get really, really, REALLY tired of people asking me to say "bitch." However, being asked to perform like a trained bitch-quoting seal sounds preferable to this question: "Do you think you'll ever play another role as beloved as Jesse Pinkman?"

That's exactly what TMZ asked him recently, and he responded by joking that he doubted it. "My career is downhill from here. We all know it!"

TMZ theorizes that Paul may in fact be "comfortable with the possibility his career really is ruined." That seems like a strange thing to say about a guy who's won two Primetime Emmys at just 34 years old, but I guess I get what they're saying. My thinking is this: it's all about the choices he makes from here on out. Which is why I'm a little concerned about the trailer for his next movie.


I really hate to say anything negative about Aaron Paul, because I do think he's done such an amazing job on Breaking Bad and it reveals just how much talent he has as an actor. He also just seems like a hell of a nice guy who's adorably in love with his wife, based on the things he shares via social media.

That said, sometimes for whatever reason an actor really only seems to find their true calling when they work on a particular show. Maybe it's because the director's particularly skilled, or because the character is just right for them. Or maybe it's because they go on to make TERRIBLE career choices after their immensely popular show comes to an end.

I'm not saying that's what's going to happen to Aaron Paul … but I AM saying that the trailer for his next movie, Need for Speed, looks pretty goddamned horrendous. Take a look:

I mean, yeesh. Need for Speed is apparently based on a long-running video game franchise (really?), and the preview makes it look about as fun as a root canal. That corny monologue! The overwrought soundtrack! The palpable sensation of a movie taking itself WAY too seriously!

Maybe I'm all wrong about Need for Speed, but assuming it turns out to be exactly as awful as it looks when it hits theaters next March, I hope Paul goes on to bigger and better things. He's definitely proven that he has the chops to play a variety of characters, and there's no reason he can't leverage his Breaking Bad success to even more memorable roles.

What do you think about Aaron Paul's acting future? Do you suspect Breaking Bad will be the highest point in his career?

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