'50 Shades of Grey' Wine & Other Hilarious Entertainment-Inspired Goodies

Rebecca Stokes | Sep 25, 2013 Movies

fish sticks and custardWith Halloween virtually just around the corner, chances are you've already started thinking about how you'll celebrate. One of my favorite things to do is throw some sort of theme party. Since I'm a huge movie and TV buff, I try to keep it something in that vein.

This year I started scouring the web early for something perfect and was almost overwhelmed with inspiration. A Breaking Bad themed party? Don't mind if I do! A sexy Fifty Shades soiree? Oh my, how naughty. A Harry Potter fest? Yes, yes, and yes.

I've compiled five of my favorite entertainment-inspired goodies here for your enjoyment. Hopefully they will pique your interest and get you thinking about how you plan to celebrate this, the best of holidays. My only request: if you decided to have a Doctor Who themed party -- invite me. I will wear a bow-tie.

Are you planning a themed Halloween party this year?


Image via Sugar Bean Bakers

  • Hogwarts Acceptance Letter Cookies


    Image via Sugar Bean Bakers

    The only thing better than actually being accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Receiving your acceptance letter inside such a tasty little package. Cookies for everyone! Cookies for us all, I say!

  • Custard & Fish Sticks for 'Doctor Who' Fans


    Sugar Bean Bakers nails this one. The 11th Doctor holds a special place in all Who fans' hearts. Remember him fondly as you eat this delicious take on his favorite snack -- custard and fish sticks! Though of course, for reasons of common decency, the fish sticks here have been subbed out with a sweet and flaky cookie!

  • 50 Shades of Drunk


    Image via fiftyshadeswine

    Let's get drunk and make sly references to our red rooms of pain, amiright? Probably not. The perfect cocktail for every Ana to drink while waiting for her Christian. #50shadesofwasted

  • 'Breaking Bad' Cupcakes


    Image via Digital Heather/Flickr

    Mmmm, sweet sweet meth. NO. KIDDING. DRUGS ARE BAD. CUPCAKES ARE GOOD, celebrate your passion for all things Breaking Bad by eating these pretty and ominous Breaking Bad cupcakes.

  • 'Les Miz' Rye Bread


    Last year's popular musical inspired bakers the world over to take to their ovens and whip up fresh batches of rye bread tasty enough to tempt the very moral Jean Valjean. While I'm not sure this gourmet fair was what the dude was arrested for stealing, we're willing to suspend our disbelief.

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