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These Smokin' Charlie Hunnam Photos Could Change Your Mind About the '50 Shades' Casting

Movies Adriana Velez Sep 18, 2013

charlie hunnam
C'mon, give him a chance!
Yeah ... I'm still having a hard time seeing Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey. He's just too, I don't know, beardy. Right? Most of his recent photos show him looking scruffy for his Sons of Anarchy role. Christian is supposed to have a very clean-cut look. Maybe it would be easier to visualize Charlie as Christian if we could just see him without all that scruff and long hair. I mean, the petition isn't changing anything, so we might as well accept and move on. That's why, as a public service to you Fifty Shades fans, we've pulled together a collection of Charlie Hunnam facial-hair-free photos. Let me tell you, it wasn't easy. We had to look under rocks and dig behind trees, but they're out there. Now if only we could tint Charlie's hair dark copper ...

Warner Bros. Entertainment

1'Pacific Rim' Pt. I

Here's Charlie in this summer's Pacific Rim. He could stand to wash his face and this is clearly not a suit and tie, but you get the idea.

Warner Bros. Entertainment

2'Pacific Rim' Pt. II

Gooooodnessss ... I'm sorry, what were we talking about again?

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3Intense Enough for Ya?

This is from last year's movie, 3, 2, 1, Frankie Go Boom. Just imagine Dakota Johnson in place of Chris O'Dowd, if you can.


4'Nicholas Nickleby' Baby Face

Okay, well at least this is getting us closer to a suit, even if it's a bit old-fashioned. Here's Charlie in 2003 when he would have clearly been too young to play Christian Grey.

5Christian Grey's OKCupid Profile Pic

I mean ... right? Okay, fine, Christian Grey would NEVER do online dating.

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