Charlie Hunnam's Sexy Promise Will Thrill '50 Shades of Grey' Fans

charlie hunnam comic-conEver since being cast as Christian Grey, Charlie Hunnam is under the microscope in a crazy way, like never before. But he seems to be handling it with serious grace and is coming off as cool as a cucumber -- even when approached with steamy subjects. For instance, when The Sun asserted that Charlie promised producers he'd go the "full monty" in the flick, grinning and baring it all, the actor confirmed the buzz. "I'll never use a body double. I’m not worried," he said. Whoohoo!

Come on, was that even really a question, though? If you've followed his career or know even a little bit about it, it's kinda unsurprising to hear he's so comfortable with nudity.


As the future Mr. Grey explained to the AP:

You know what, I had such a baptism of fire with regards to sexuality on camera at the beginning of my career. I starred in the British Channel 4 miniseries Queer as Folk, where I played a young, gay character, and there were some incredible, explicit sex scenes on that show. Now I am 16 years older and more mature so I don’t anticipate them being too much of a problem. It’s like anything else, just an exciting challenge.

Ha, how quaint it is that he's even calling it a challenge. The guy is an old hat at dropping trou! And for that, fans should be thrilled, over-the-moon, elated -- albeit not necessarily surprised! And I'm sure it also explains one of the big reasons why director Sam Taylor-Johnson and the producers were drawn to Charlie as Christian. His resume certainly speaks to being comfortable -- not to mention HIGHLY aesthetically-pleasing -- in the buff.

Are you psyched to hear Charlie doesn't plan to use a body double?


Image via Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia

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