'50 Shades of Grey' Fan Trailer Gives Us a First Glimpse at Charlie & Dakota's Hot Chemistry (VIDEOS)

dakota johnsonWith Charlie Hunnam now out there talking to the press and touting the "tangible chemistry" he felt with co-star Dakota Johnson during their test read for Fifty Shades of Grey, fans are getting antsy to see and hopefully believe that the two have palpable sexual tension.

Of course, for months before we knew who would be cast, fans were making trailers that tested the chemistry between various hopeful Christians and Anas ... Now, obviously someone has already made one featuring Charlie and Dakota! And it's definitely a tease. Check it out. But be warned it's probably NSFW!


All right, so they're both blonde in the clip, which we can pretty much bet won't be the case ... Well, at least for Dakota, who is expected to go brunette a la Anastasia. And I'm sure Charlie won't have long-ish hair as he does here. (Except maybe when Christian has that breakdown after Ana leaves him and he lets himself get all scruffy and raggedy?) But still, pretty nice mashup of some of the actors' sexiest scenes, giving us a taste of what we can expect! 'Course the real deal trailer will be much more telling ... But rumor has it we'll have to wait until winter -- maybe during the Super Bowl? -- to get the first official teaser trailer.

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In the meantime, I'm sure more fan trailers featuring the legit leads will crop up. Even more generic (albeit very profesh-looking!) ones are fun to watch! Like this one ...

What do you think about the Charlie-Dakota fan trailer? 


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